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Certificates of conformity

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Certificate of conformity is a document certifying an object compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, provisions of standards or contract terms.

Certificates of conformity and annexes to them are executed on the fraud-proof official numbered forms. The certificate forms are considered to be an accountable document issued by Rosstandard, a certification authority, according to the established procedure.

Certificate of conformity contains the following information:

  • registration number;
  • object type (batch, serial production);
  • certificate validity period; product name;
  • information on an object subject to compliance confirmation that allows to identify this object (NPC code 005-93, customs commodity code);
  • applicant's name and address;
  • manufacturer's name and address;
  • name of regulatory document or technical regulation for compliance with which requirements a product is confirmed;
  • information on the performed studies, tests, measurements, on quality system certificates as well as on documents served as a ground for the confirmation of product compliance with the established requirements;
  • additional information;
  • signature, initials and surname of the head of the authority issued a certificate and of the expert held a certification, and a seal of certification authority.

Annex to the Certificate is drawn up according to the rules for entering the similar details in a certificate. Certificate and Annexes to it are executed in typed manner.