SOYUZEXPERTIZA  ANO of the CCI of Russia (SOEX) - is the leading and oldest Russian independent inspection company that performs at the request of Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals examination and verification of the quantity and quality of export and import goods in Russia and abroad.

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Land surveying
Main types of land surveys are examination of delimitation of land plot boundaries, examination of parcel division. Expert examinations can be pre-trial and performed on the basis of contracts with expert institutions. Land surveys for court purposes are performed by rulings of arbitration courts or courts of general jurisdiction or investigators' orders.

Forensic engineering
Forensic engineering is to examine process equipment, identify causes of failure of equipment or its components, to ensure compliance of certain equipment with requirements of regulatory and technical documentation, to find out causes of deviation of the finished products manufactured on given equipment from standard values, to find defects, damages and their reasons of their, etc.

Fire investigation
Fire investigation is to identify a fire point and a mechanism of its behaviour, time of occurrence and fire duration, causes of fire, to find facts of violation of fire safety. Investigated objects: fire scene, items from the scene of fire and their fragments, statements of witnesses, the injured, suspects, photographs of fire containment, fire protection and fighting documents, information about technical condition of a facility, etc.

Auto service expert examination
Investigation of circumstances of motor vehicle accident and technical condition of a vehicle, transport and trace evidence analyses (study of traces on a vehicle body and at the scene of the accident), road condition reviews, etc., are included in auto service expert examination. Our experts help both reconstruct road accidents and outline cause-and-effect relation between violations and consequences thereof.

Technical and criminalistics expert review of documents
Technical expert review of documents is one of the type of criminalistics expert examination and is one of the most complicated investigation processes. It resolves the following tasks: establishment of method execution of a document and its parts; identification of printed forms, printing devices, etc.; determination of facts and methods for making changes to a document; identification of hidden information; restoration of original and source appearance of the information; determination of the time for reproduction of information.

Financial and economic expert analysis
Main types of economic expert analysis: forensic accounting expert examination, forensic-accounting-economic expert examination. These analyses are closely connected, because one and the same objects are examined
Basic tasks: detection of the signs of account data corruption by the approaches being specific for bookkeeping and diagnostics of such corruption, determination of degree of corruption effect on key performance indicators; establishment of compliance of displaying the transactions performed with the bookkeeping rules; analysis of indexes of the financial state and activities of a business entity; characteristics of dynamics of the company financial state and analysis of the factors contributed to its negative changes. Expert's opinion has an evidentiary value and can be used in courts, in the process of inquest and investigation.

Computer and technical examination
Computer and technical examination is a set of studies of computer hardware components, comparison of technical characteristics of devices with the given ones in standards and regulatory requirements, analysis of software and information systems, resolution of issues related to copyright infringement, establishment of cause-and-effect relation aiming at detection of defects and warranty cases. It may be carried out an addition to any other expert examinations.

Graphological examination
Graphological examination is a type of criminalistics expert examination. The tasks solved by this examination are divided into two groups: identification tasks (establishment of a fact of execution of hand-written texts and signatures in several documents by the same person, determination of a specific performer of hand-written text and of individual pieces of records and details), diagnostic tasks (establishment of the circumstances and conditions of writing as well as a performer's certain personal data).

Authorship examination
Authorship examination is a type of criminalistics expert examination intended for detecting plagiarism, establishment of authorship of the text and conditions of its creation, individual characteristics of an author (education, gender, age, etc.) and for discovering individual signs of the work of authorship in disputed points of a text. Written language and general and individual language skills in it serve as an immediate object of research in authorship examination.

Phonoscopic examination
Phonoscopic examination is a type of criminalistics expert examination. It establishes content of sound recording, facts of editing or substitution of audio recording. It allows to identify audio recorded voices, to determine their social status, nationality and profession, to define whether the speech was prepared in advance or was spontaneous, was read or learnt by heart, to reveal a fact of psychological pressure on a speaker in a record, etc.

Linguistics examination
The tasks of linguistics examination: studying controversial points of a text, expression or linguistic sign aiming at establishment of its semantic content; examination of a text, statement or linguistic sign in viewpoint of genre, composition or lexical-grammatical form of expression; analysis of commercial names (brand names, trademarks, domain names) to establish their originality, individuality, newness, uniqueness, confusing similarity, etc. This examination type is used to resolve the following categories of cases: extremism; protection of honour, dignity of citizens as well as of business reputation of citizens; on recognition of being invalid (or illegal) of decisions of the Chamber for Patent Disputes of the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks; on prohibition to use signs having like confusing similarity with a registered trademark, etc.

Patent examination
Patent examination is an examination aimed at the solution of issues associated with the intellectual property items (establishment of the availability or non-availability of the cases of intellectual property infringement). Intellectual property items: graphical and word trademarks, brands, logos, industrial designs, useful models, and innovations. Expert's opinion can be considered by court as defining when considering the cases of intellectual property infringement.

Art review
This type of legal expertise is most often carried out for the cases related to contraband and theft of works of art, fraud, copyright, destruction / damage of cultural heritage monuments, distribution of porno/erotic materials, etc. Items of examination: manuscripts, antique firearms, religious articles, objects of art, sculpture, and architecture, boundaries of land plots where a cultural object is located, antiques, handiwork, and park and garden monuments.

The advantages of work with SOYUZEXPERTIZA, Expert Holding of the CCI of Russia:
  • independence, impartiality, professionalism of experts,
  • trust and confidence to experts' opinions on behalf of courts of different instances,
  • experience in complicated examinations,
  • a pool of competent experts of different specialization,
  • permits to work with secret documents.

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