• High accuracy testing services

    Modern equipment and expert
    experience to deliver quality and safety

  • Guaranteed quality control at every stage

    Professional inspection services
    offered in Russia and worldwide

  • Expand to new markets

    Quick turnaround supplier inspection
    services available in China, India and Vietnam

  • We help deliver high quality construction projects on time

    More than 5000 examinations carried out
    over 10 years for construction industry.

  • Ascertain the true value of objects
    Professional assessment
    of material and intangible

Key SOEX services



Our specialization is to provide expert services for Russian and foreign companies, public agencies, and individuals. Our strengths are professional approach, experts' experience, fast solutions to customer’s requests, guaranteed confidentiality.

Product tests for compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union regulations, international and national standards
Mandatory and voluntary certification of services, registration of declarations of conformity, interaction with Rospotrebnadzor
Examination of the commodities quality and quantity, pre-shipment control, identification of signs of falsifications and counterfeit products and infringing goods
Inspection of quality of manufacture, testing, shipment and storage of equipment, materials, nuclear fuel
A full set of services of value appraisals for different purposes. Improvement of efficiency of procurement procedures
Assistance in resolution of disputes and controversies. Court expert opinions and construction examinations of any degree of complexity


Offer successful solutions to problems

The experts of SOYUZEXPERTIZA of the CCI of Russia will deliver professional assistance in solving your problems. We are pleased to be of service to you and are ready to answer your questions.
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About The Company

SOYUZEXPERTIZA of CCI of Russia (SOEX) is a  is a Russian professional organization offering independent testing, inspection and certification services.

SOEX is a subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation. It is a foundational professional organization of internal system of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and an accredited certification agency operating in Russia.

Extensive experience and impeccable reputation make SOEX a full-fledged member of TIC Council, an international association representing independent testing, inspection and certification companies.