SOYUZEXPERTIZA  ANO of the CCI of Russia (SOEX) - is the leading and oldest Russian independent inspection company that performs at the request of Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals examination and verification of the quantity and quality of export and import goods in Russia and abroad.

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Many questions and tasks that need to be considered and monitored arise at all stages starting from agricultural production and all the way to sales. The Expert Holding SOYUZEXPERTIZA ANO of the CCI of RF offers to agricultural companies services for provision of farmers’ product quality, yield increase and reduction of different business risks.

Services offered by SOYUZEXPERTIZA CCI RF will help you:

  • act within legal environment and comply with all requirements and regulations, both foreign (international) and Russian,
  • get prompt and fast certification, receive declarations,
  • test samples in our laboratory and, if necessary, handle claims through our Department of Specialized Opinions for Courts,
  • accompany in an optimal way all the products along the chain from production and storage and to transfer of the packed product to a buyer,
  • ensure business security (audit of suppliers, equipment inspection, quality and quantity expertise will allow you to prevent any failures in relations with suppliers).