SOYUZEXPERTIZA  ANO of the CCI of Russia (SOEX) - is the leading and oldest Russian independent inspection company that performs at the request of Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals examination and verification of the quantity and quality of export and import goods in Russia and abroad.

Construction examinations

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The key task of each construction project is its implementation on time in compliance with the budget and design documents. Souyzexpertiza ANO of the CCI of Russia will advocate your interests in courts to help you solve all and any disputes with unfair contractors regarding to projects of any complexity.

A. Projects which are not started to be constructed yet.·        

  • Validity review of design decisions with respect to their application as well as to compliance with standards and regulations.

  • Check of cost estimating documentation with a view to its conformity with mid-market prices under comparable circumstances.

  • Ascertaining the capabilities of construction taking into consideration the facts (site planning, economical and engineering expediency).

  • Delimitation of land plot boundaries for development.

  • Other issues associated with the process of organization of construction.

B. Projects which are in progress (construction, reconstruction, repair, or refit at present).

  • All types of services applicable to Group A.

  • Control over performance of construction and installation works, including the possibility of checking the contractor’s activities with a view to compliance of the works to be carried out with the construction law in effect.

  • Control over implementation of design decisions in the project.

  • Determination of scope of works actually completed with due consideration of comparison of the works specified in reports with the actual volume of performed works.

  • Check of correctness of post-completion documentation execution, including the check of volumes subject to inspection.

  • Check of the performed work quality, including the check of appropriateness of used design decisions as well as compliance of performed works with the current law.

  • Determination of cost of works related to elimination of revealed defects.

  • Assistance in keeping up correspondence with contractors associated with claims.

  • Determination of the time limits for work performance and completion of construction.

  • Other issues associated with the construction process.

C. Operated facilities.

  • All types of services applicable to Groups A and B.
  • Determination of the actual state of a facility and the possibility for its further normal operation with a view to the valid standards.

  • Inspection of all types of structures and engineering systems.

  • Preparation of cost estimates with determination of average market cost of repair work.

  • Other issues associated with the operation process.

D. Construction disputes.

  • Preparation of pre-court (out-of-court) opinions on any issues associated with disputes.

  • Preparation of expert opinions under court rulings, orders of tax services or notaries’ requests.

  • Preparation of expert opinions within criminal cases in process.

  • Contestation of earlier issued expert opinions (writing of reviews).

  • Participation of our experts in arbitration trials and hearings in courts of general jurisdiction.

  • Other issues associated with conflict situations.

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