SOYUZEXPERTIZA  ANO of the CCI of Russia (SOEX) - is the leading and oldest Russian independent inspection company that performs at the request of Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals examination and verification of the quantity and quality of export and import goods in Russia and abroad.


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Professional quality control of manufacture of industrial goods, equipment and materials at any production stages. Specialization - electric equipment and equipment for hydro-, thermal- и and nuclear power plants, and fresh fuel.

Equipment and nuclear fuel inspection

One of the most important inspection directions of SOUYZEXPERTIZA of the CCI of Russia is the quality control of manufacture of industrial goods, equipment and materials at any production stages, including machinery and technical, electric and power-generating equipment, and also fresh fuel.

SOUYZEXPERTIZA of the CCI of Russia provides the following services to make inspection of industrial goods and equipment:

  • quality control of manufacture of power-generating equipment intended for hydro-, thermal- and nuclear power plants under construction or reconstruction;
  • inspection of electric equipment and materials;
  • inspection of special-purpose equipment;
  • confirmation of different equipment tests at the manufacturing plant' benches;
  • non-destructive testing of products quality;
  • inspection of materials (mechanical tests, chemical analysis);
  • inspection of compliance with production deadlines and shipping schedule of industrial goods and equipment;
  • consulting services for goods and equipment evaluation;
  • special services, including identification and analysis of causes of equipment failure or instable equipment operation, and proposals for their elimination; the participation in developing of equipment quality control programs;
  • confirmation and certification of goods origin (Form A, Form ST-1, and a standard form.

An extensive network of regional subsidiaries and related organizations located across our country as well as a good possibility to involve experts from regional CCIs allow us to provide services of high quality in any region of Russia and abroad in a timely manner. 

Survey services

Are you a shipper (or a consignee) and do want to be sure that everything is fine with your cargo? Do you need objective and immediate information about what order your cargo is in during handling and conveyance? Do you want to get recommendations on how minimize transportation losses and to avoid disputes with business partners? Surveyors from Souyzexpertiza of the CCI of Russia will be at your service.

Our Holding offers professional surveys to give independent valuation of cargo quality and quantity, to certify transport facilities intended for cargo carriage, to recommend optimal arrangement of cargoes to be loaded.

Main tasks of surveys:

  • to examine shipboard space upon requests of insurance companies and charterers;
  • to control cargo condition and quantity;
  • to verify that cargoes are secured in compliance with safe transportation requirements.

Within the frames of surveying, SOEX provides the following services:

  • check of the materials (mechanical tests, chemical analysis);
  • certification of product tests performed with manufacturer’s equipment;
  • check of lacquer coating;
  • visual inspection of cargo, check of packages and labelling, dimension check;
  • inspection of cargo condition before and during loading, loading and/or unloading supervision, reweighing, checking of seal condition;
  • draft survey;
  • cargo tallying.


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