SOYUZEXPERTIZA  ANO of the CCI of Russia (SOEX) - is the leading and oldest Russian independent inspection company that performs at the request of Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals examination and verification of the quantity and quality of export and import goods in Russia and abroad.

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The network of representative offices of SOYUZEXPERTIZA CCI RF located in 37 cities of the Russian Federation offers the independent services meeting the needs of the most demanding clients in each segment of oil industry.

Under the current economic situations, it is very difficult to increase efficiency at each stage of manufacture and raw materials / products logistics. An optimal operating state and accuracy of equipment, including the one used for oil production, its transportation from the field to the refining place and so on are of a great importance in the oil industry. Our experts are ready to assist in solving these issues. 

We offer various services of exploration and production maintaining, which could be used independently or for the improvement of processes available in your organization. For the companies of oil and gas sector involved in wholesale and retail selling, we offer the services such as project audit, expertise and certification of technical equipment. 

We will be glad to assist you in provision of the national and international standards compliance at all the stages from production to refining and raw stock/product shipment.