SOYUZEXPERTIZA  ANO of the CCI of Russia (SOEX) - is the leading and oldest Russian independent inspection company that performs at the request of Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals examination and verification of the quantity and quality of export and import goods in Russia and abroad.

Examinations for determination of the country of goods origin

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One of the directions of SOEX activities is an expert examination for determination of the country of goods origin. We guarantee objectivity and optimal terms of goods examination. Our experts have broad experience in this field, possess an extensive amount of professional knowledge. One of the main principles of our work is impartial and objective approach to each client. By contacting us you will get details of our terms of cooperation, and further on you can rely on a customer-tailored approach and attention. SOYUZEXPERTIZA ANO offers traditions and experience for the sake of clients!

Expert examination of the country of origin assumes visiting a company and studying a process. An expert makes analysis of manufacturing process of products intended to be exported. He/she may request any documentary evidence to identify the origin of products and to carry out any activities associated with the inspection which he/she believes appropriate.  

When a manufacturer receives a certificate of origin of goods, he/she may enjoy the preferential regime of goods import to the country which issued these preferences. The idea of incentives is to provide an opportunity to import on customs-free basis or to trade preferentially. Thus, an manufacturer has a chance to have considerable savings in the budget and stay away from payment of customs fees in the country whereto goods are imported.

While carrying out expert examination of origin, as it is seen from the name, the country of manufacture or of product reprocessing is determined. SOYUZEXPERTIZA ANO conducts studies aiming at issuance of certificates of several types:

  • Form A Certificate (for the countries of the European Union, the United States of America, Japan, Turkey, and Canada);

  • ST-1 Certificate (members of the Commonwealth of Independent States);

  • "Original" (other countries allowing preferential operations).

Required documents

Expert examination is performed officially by an accredited body that is SOEX, Autonomous Nonprofit Organization. The main goal of the examination is to identify the country of origin of goods. Prior to examination, the expert will ask you to submit a set of documents confirming:

  • The origin of semi-finished products, raw stock, materials and components (supply contracts, customs declarations, bills of lading, etc.);

  • The right for purchase and further processing of raw materials (for organizations involved in procurement and purchase).

  • In addition, you will be requested to provide:

  • A veterinary certificate (for export of livestock products, live animals, wool, untreated hides and other raw stock of animal origin);

  • Process charts and other documents used for goods manufacturing;

  • Other papers that might be required to be presented to the expert.

The experts of our organization do not only carry out an expert examination of origin, but assist clients at the stage of collection of documents. We will do our best to ensure this process to be shorter and of less efforts to you.


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