SOYUZEXPERTIZA  ANO of the CCI of Russia (SOEX) - is the leading and oldest Russian independent inspection company that performs at the request of Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals examination and verification of the quantity and quality of export and import goods in Russia and abroad.

Test protocols

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Test protocol is an official document presenting the product sample test results. A Testing Laboratory (Center) concludes about the tested product safety and quality based on these results.

The tests are performed by a test center of MEAC SOEX accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service and entered to the Unified Register of Test Laboratories (Centers) of the Customs Union. 

Product test protocol is required to confirm compliance when drawing up a certificate of conformity or in capacity of evidence base to accept a declaration of conformity by manufacturer (supplier). Test protocol is issued also when the product safety and quality is defined based on requests of individuals or legal entities.

The scope of accreditation of a test center of MEAC accredited by the RF Rosstandard includes the following product groups:

  • food products;
  • food stock;
  • potable water, 
  • animal feed;
  • perfumery and cosmetics;
  • light industry products, etc.
Test protocol is drawn up in conformity with requirements of GOST R ISO/IEC 17025-2006 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" and contains the following data:

  • document name (e.g., "Test protocol");
  • laboratory name and address;
  • unique identification of test protocol (e.g., serial number), and also identification on each page to provide the page recognition as a part of the test protocol and, in addition, clear identification of the end of test protocol;
  • applicant's name and address;
  • identification of the method used;
  • description, condition and unambiguous identification of test item;
  • date of receiving at item needs to be tested, if this is essential for authenticity and application of results, and the test date;
  • a reference to sampling method used by the laboratory or other bodies, if they are related to authenticity and application of results;
  • test results of measuring units;
  • if necessary, to specify that the results are attributed to tested samples only; 
  • test volume;
  • date of test beginning and completion;
  • evaluation of test results;
  •  signatures of persons performed tests and a company's seal.