SOYUZEXPERTIZA  ANO of the CCI of Russia (SOEX) - is the leading and oldest Russian independent inspection company that performs at the request of Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals examination and verification of the quantity and quality of export and import goods in Russia and abroad.

Expert's examination certificates

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Expert's examination certificate is a document issued by a competent organization based on a Client's request for the examination of product quality and quantity (when a commodity examination is held) or the country of origin (when an examination of the country of origin of commodity and its materials is carried out).

Drawing up a Certificate is the final stage of carrying out expert examination. Expert's examination certificate is one of the basic documents giving the right to assert claims to the quality of goods, its non-compliance with the requirements of contract documents, and in case of shortage of goods. Expert's examination certificate is also recognized as an evidence document by arbitral organizations, including the foreign one. Expert's examination certificate is executed on an accountable form and comprises of three parts:

  • protocol,
  • ascertaining,
  • final (expert opinion).
Well-founded and brief conclusion based on the objective and indisputable expert's explanations resting on the provisions of ascertaining part of the expert's examination certificate is formed in the end. The Certificate is signed by an expert and together with annexes is certified by a seal of expert organization. Should any changes be introduced to the expert's examination certificate, they must be certified with an expert's signature.

Merchandising expertise certificate

When commodity examination is held, the Certificate should contain the following data:

  • expert's examination certificate number;
  • expertise date and place;
  • expert's full name and name of expert organization;
  • what was brought for expertise (commodity name, its quantity etc.);
  • expertise task – a task received by an expert from a client is specified;
  • name of manufacturer, supplier, consignor, consignee;
  • name and number of shipping documents and means of transport;
  • date of goods delivery;
  • goods storage terms;
  • package condition;
  • labelling on package and goods;
  • quantity of goods sampled for laboratory and other tests;
  • description of defects and discrepancies;
  • expert opinion.

The expert is not allowed to give any instructions to destroy or ship rejected goods. It is also not allowed to make recommendations being out of the competence of commodity examination.

Expert's examination certificate of goods origin

Expert's examination certificate of origin is issued by an expert organization and contains information on origin of raw material and accessories, numbers and dates of conclusion of contracts for delivery of these materials as well as the list of main process operations  at the enterprise.

The expert's examination certificate of goods origin contains an expert opinion of products originated definitely from the given country. The certificate of goods origin is issued based on the expert's examination certificate.
The expert's examination certificate for the issuance of the certificate of the country of origin is drawn up in conformity with the requirements of Instruction for Procedure of Holding Goods Examination by Expert Organizations of the System of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STO TPP 20-01-97).